Introducing Relive Stories!

Check out the latest app from Relive - Stories!

Automatically organize the photos on your camera roll into stories based on location and events in your calendar. Apply a filter to all photos in a story with one tap. Share photos via Email, Facebook and Twitter or save to your camera roll.

- Smartly organizes photos using your home location and calendar.
- Automatic notification when you have a new story.
- Instant sharing with Facebook, Email and Twitter.
- Beautiful mosaic of your photos.
- Apply a filter to all of the photos with one tap. - View photo details like place, date and time taken.
- See where your photo was taken on a map.
- Get information on the location.
- No sign-in required, totally free!

Click here to get it free today on the app store


New version of Relive available - now with books!

New version of Relive available on iTunes

You can now get the latest version of Relive with all the newest updates including:
• Make and order a 5x7 soft cover photo book in the app
• Easier to use event browsing and filtering
• Better pinch to zoom a large photo
• Fix for detecting events not at your location
• Lots of polish and tweaks

Update the app for free today! All our books are printed in the U.S.A.


Easily add filters to photos in your events

Easily add filtered photos to your Relive events.
Hipstamatic is a fun app for taking photos with filters. You can start with some free filters and add on more for a small fee.

Unlike Instagram you apply the filter when you take the photo and then it 'develops'. You can use the same one all the time, manually change it or shake to have a random filter chosen for you.

Use Relive Events for free to create a private, real-time collage of photos from all your friends at an event and start getting artistic with filters from hipstamatic!

The photos from Hipstamatic can automatically show up in your camera roll by turning on Auto-Save to Library under Hipstamatic settings. Once they are in your camera roll you can auto-contribute into a Relive Event or hit the + button and select them to add to an event.

To make your photos stand out in the Relive event, give Hipstamatic a try today!


4x6 softcover books!

New! Create a keepsake 4x6 softcover book from your events.

We are proud to announce that you can now make a book out of the best 20 photos from your event for only $6.99 (including shipping.)

It's so easy!
1. Open your event on
2. Hit the 'Make Book' button.
3. Start selecting the photos you want to add to your book.
Tip: The order you select them is the order they will appear in the book. Deselect and select a new one to replace a photo.
4. Hit 'Buy Book' and check out.

Get started making your books today! Coming soon to iPhone and iPad. Printed in the USA!


Create a real-time slideshow!

How to create your slideshow
It's super easy to create a real-time slideshow using Relive. It's perfect for anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays!

1. Sig-in into the Relive website (

2. Open your event

3. Click on the first photo

4. Click 'Start Slideshow'

Any photos added at the event will magically appear on the screen! It's a simple and easy way to share what's going on with everyone.

Try it today on


Relive 1.3.1 Available

Here's what's new:

1. Updated camera with multi-shot, ability to reverse the camera direction, and tap to focus.
2. New 'Find' your photos option. (see below)
3. Many small enhancements and bug fixes including fixes to Facebook login.

Here's a tip for using the Find feature!

We're very excited to share our latest feature which lets you easily find events that you have on your camera roll. We will automatically organize all the pictures you took over the holidays to make it easy for you to share and invite others to add their photos.

Just install the latest version, hit 'Find' and start reviewing all your fun memories!

Once you find one you like, just Save it. That's it!

Get the free update today!


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Relive
Here are a few of the common questions we get asked about Relive. Relive is a great way to share photos between people who are attending the same event. We make it easy to join and start taking picture or adding pictures you already have on your camera roll.

1. How much does Relive cost?
Relive is free. We do not charge for our service. We will be adding printing services in the future which is how we will make money.

2. Is there a limit to the number of events or number of participants?
No. There is no limit to the number of events you can create or the number of participants that can share in an event.

3. Is there a limit on number of photos I can share?
No. There is no limit to the number of photos you can share.

4. How long will my photos and comments be stored?
We do not remove your photos. For safe-keeping you can also use our Windows client to download all of the photos from the event to your computer.

5. Do I need to use Facebook?
No. You can sign up using your email address or Facebook. If you use Facebook then you can share your photos to a new album on Facebook.

6. Is Relive private?
Yes. You choose who can join your event and whether or not you broadcast it during the event time frame.

7. What devices can I use Relive on?
Relive is available on Android, iPhone, iPad, web and Windows 8.

We are always listening and welcome your input! Please don't hesitate to send us an email with any further questions!


Add pictures from your digital camera too!

For the holidays many of us use our digital camera to capture special memories. Relive makes it easy to add these photos to your events!

Step 1: Sign into the Relive website.
Step 2: Open your event and click the 'Add' icon.
Step 3: Drag and drop photos from your computer or click the 'Select' button to browse for photos to add.

Step 4: Let the photos upload then click 'Back to Event'.
Step 5: Your photos will appear in a few seconds.
Step 6: Your photos will now be available everywhere you have Relive installed. Friends and family you share your event with will also see your photos!

Wishing you and yours happy holidays!!
Visit to get the latest version of Relive for iOS and Android.


1.3 for Android now available!

Get the latest version of Relive 1.3 for Android.

1.3 Updates

☆ Ability to find nearby events
☆ Find events on your camera roll
☆ New toolbar in event thumbnail view
☆ Bug fixes and optimizations

Get it from Google Play!


Blast from the past...

On Saturday I went to a friend's son's birthday party. My youngest is the same age and we have had the pleasure of celebrating each birthday with them.

A fun way to relive your memories!

This year, my friend did something really fun! She took a photo from each birthday and lined them up on her mantle. This was such a great way to go 'back in time' and relive these memories. She was also clever enough to have him wear a shirt with his age on it so it made it easy to know which birthday it was.

I thought this was a fun tradition to pass along that could also work for anniversaries, holidays or other events where you are celebrating the passing of time. Using Relive to capture your photos will make it even easier to pull your photos together when you need them.

Tell us, what clever ways do you use photos at parties?

Note: As a mother of a two school-aged kids, I'm deeply saddened by the events on Friday. My heart goes out to the families of Newtown that lost their children and loved ones.


Yes, we have a video now!

A quick overview in 60 seconds

We wanted to make it easier to explain what Relive does so we created a video! Please check it out and share it with your friends.

View the video here.


Version 1.3 of Relive Events now available!

The latest version of Relive is now available for iPhone and iPad (Android coming soon!). Here's a list of what's new:

Turn on broadcast so friends nearby can easily join your event.
Your event will be broadcast only to those nearby making it easier than ever for friends to join. Just turn this option on when creating an event. It automatically expires when the event ends.

Discover past events from your camera roll.
Have fun reliving your memories. Relive automatically organizes the photos on your camera roll into events. You just review, hit Create and then you can start sharing. It's never too late to save your precious memories as events. We're even smart enough to know where the event was and if it's near home or a trip!

And more...
Check out the new controls in the event view for easier access to info, inviting, adding pictures and sharing. We hope you find it easier than ever to use Relive!

Update to Relive Events 1.3 now for free!


All I want for Christmas

If your kids are anything like mine they love to ask me to buy something everytime we are out. Around Christmas with the combination of their growing excitement and the in-your-face displays of toys and goodies, it's even harder for them to resist.

Hand them your phone

Lately I started handing them my cell phone to take pictures of the stuff they like. They have fun taking pictures and after they are done I just add them to an Event on Relive I set up called "All I want for Christmas." The best part is that I can quickly email or sms pictures to friends and family who are still trying to figure out what to get my girls. I also add the store where we took the picture in the comments. I can see this being handy around birthdays too! My girls have been catching on and it's become a fun game we play!

Tell us how you keep the kids in check during the holidays.


Tip - Creating a family archive

This is such a busy time of the year for everyone but it's also a great time to get together with the people you love and reminisce. Here's a tip for how to spend those hours at grandma's house while creating a wonderful archive to share for years to come.

Create a family archive

Over Thanksgiving my sister brought out a shoe box of photos she was storing. It was a treasure trove of pictures, postcards, letters and more from my dad's side of the family. I sat down, held each picture one at a time to photograph them with my iPhone and added them to an event I called Family Archive. Later we went through them as a family and I added comments on each picture to say who everyone was so I could archive this information. I shared the link with my family and now everyone can enjoy these pictures and we can continue adding to them over the years.

Take a look at my event: Family Archive.


Welcome to Relive!

We’re so happy you joined us! We’ve been working hard building out an app that makes privately sharing your photos in real-time fun and easy to use. We’re a group of parents and photo enthusiasts that wanted to solve a problem we’ve had, sharing pictures between people who are all in the same location and sharing them out to our other devices and people who couldn’t be with us.

My husband and I love to use our iPhones to take pictures. Problem is, his pictures never see the light of day and he always seems to capture the best shots. I always make an event when we’re heading out for a daily adventure and invite him so he can share all his pictures with me. I don’t have to ask him to pass over his phone, I just look on mine and see his automatically. I can then share a link out to the grandparents who tune-in on the web and hand the iPad over to the kids who love seeing the pictures. I rest easy knowing that at any time I can pull up the Events list and find the pictures listed chronologically, already organized for me!

We hope you like what we’ve built so far. We’re always open to your feedback and look forward to making Relive Events even better! You can always email us directly through [email protected].

Carrie and the team (Lars, John, Nuri, Garry, Mark, Hattan and Tom)